Friday, July 15, 2005

What happened for the rest of the HK trip?

Nothing worth writing about cos' there was a big quarrel and more shopping. So I wish to put that behind and move on.

Came back home on Monday night and was quite surprise at the state of my house. It ws very bright, clean and neat. Then we realised that Kenny's cousin actually tidied up the house for us when she came over to feed the two little lovable pets.

Then I started to feel a little bit guilty cos' I am definitely not able to keep my house clean and tidy and require the help of someone else. I am very embarrassed and is now seriously looking into how to improve my situation.

There are a few things which I need to change. People will usually wait till the next new year then make the new year resolution but I decided I cannot wait so long. Anyway, with my old job out of the way and me having to start as adjunct teacher back in ACS, I consider it a new start and hence I must make the changes NOW!

The changes:
1. Need to take charge of the house and make sure that everything is as neat and as tidy as possible.
2. Make a timetable to assist me in tidying the house.
3. Curb my expenditure by monitoring how much I spent everyday.
4. Take over the financial management of the house and really be the boss of the house.
5. Spend time with my princess playing and not just studying and teaching. (A lot can be learnt thru' play)
6. Make time for exercising...morning jogs around the estate ... if cannot at least a brisk walk.
7. More couple time with Kenny... we need to establish better communication.
8. Lastly... but the most important... my quiet time with GOD.

That's a lot of changes but I am determine to accomplish them.


The Oyster Chronicles said...

your HK trip very drama...anyway, when are you going to work for ACS. What is that position? Temp? Part time?

Arkerchi said...

ACS is part-time. I need the rest and time to be with Ashlyn... So everyday I work for about 4 to 5 hours and then go pick the princess up.