Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fourth Day in Hong Kong

Was suppose to leave the house by 7 a.m. but we dragged till 8 a.m. Not all of us managaed to wake up on time. Then we set off for Shen Zhen.

Took the MTR and went to Shen Zhen. Then rushed to the custom and then the usual custom checks.

After that went to the building just beside the custom. Ate breakfast, which was very sumptuous. Then we went shopping...start searching for the branded bags. Wow! The people there were very aggressive. They will hussle you all the way till you relent and buy from them but we have refused strongly. The best part is the bargaining. For example, they quote the price of HK$300 and you are not happy with it you bargain. So let say, I want to only pay HK$100, so I quote them my price. If they cannot agree, we go away...they can come chasing you shouting,"$250...come on lah...very cheap already." You continue to walk away. "Come lah, pretty lady...$200 ...can?" Walk further away, ignoring the price. "$150... last price!" Continue to walk away. "Okay okay lah...$100." Turn back and then go buy it!

However, the irritating part is that we have to wait for those people to go to the warehouse to get the goods and you can wait up to half and hour. Sometimes after waiting for half an hour it could be a disappointing wait.

After a few shops, we managed to find a shop assistant who was willing to bring us to the warehouse to choose. So we went but there isn't many and if we want, we still have to wait for the runners to go get the goods but at least the quality of the goods are not that bad.

By the time we return home, it was already almost twelve midnight.

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