Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Second Day in Hong Kong

Woke up like 6 in the morning because it was kind of difficult to sleep in the tight space. Plus, the sky was already very bright outside so mistook it to be 7 or 8 a.m.

Once the moring stuff had been done and breakfast, we sat around and wasted time as the shops don't open early in HK. Plus, today we are going separate ways from Kenny's mother and sister. They are going to Macau to the new casino while we will go to Stanley Market to buy clothes for the princess.

Last year we went to Stanley Market at the end of our trip, we did not have much cash left to buy stuff for the princess. So this year, we decided that we will go there first. So at the end of the afternoon, we really did buy a lot of clothes for the princess... as many as 10 sets ( I think... there will about four to five bags of her clothes!)

Then we took the mini bus back to Causeway Bay. Back there, ww shopped even more. Actually, we were tired but because I wanted to take photos of the busy streets in the day and in the night, we had to continue shopping. Thought I would be the one spending the most money this time? Nope! Kenny did... he bought 4 Polo T-shirts anf 4 collar shirts...all at U2 and the collar shirts were cheap. Each costs HK$59 which is around S$15.

End of the day... I was the loser of all the shopping. Of all the bags, there were only three of my items! :(

Tomorrow... Shen Zhen in China. But our legs are breaking into pieces.

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