Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To the skin doctor...

Aver's rash took a turn for the worse. She had two fellow church member praying for her whilst in church last Sunday and we are totally grateful to them. It definitely is better than have those people who passed hurtful remarks. Just to name a few...

1) "AIYOH... look at the baby....tsk...tsk..." Auntie shaking head at the same time.

2) " So sayang... such a cute baby her face like that..." auntie decided that her fingers are clean enough to touch Aver's already pus-producing rash.

3) "AIYOH....why like that? eeee...." Aunties decided to continue discussing Aver's rash behind our back LOUDLY!

Oh yes, all these made me breakdown yet again. It hurts to see my own baby hurting like that and than have to hear such comments. Of course there are others who are concerned and they have the courtesy not to pass such remarks.

Sunday night itself, while I was busy trying to finish up on the girls' new year clothes I did not pay much notice to the slumbering Aver. When it was time to transfer the baby to the bedroom, I nearly fainted in fright! I thought my baby had died.

BLOOD... blood flowed from her cheeks and were all over her mattress, hands and shirt. Blood was still oozing out when I saw her. I broke down.... I cannot stand it anymore. To prevent her from scratching it, I held her in my arms the whole night through.

The next morning, we went to the government clinic to get a referral to the skin centre. Got the earliest appointment and thank God, it was today. I made the mistake of letting her sleep by herself on her bed and I woke up at 5 am to discover blood again. However, this time the damage was slightly less than the night before.
Here she is sleeping wearing a pair of socks to prevent her from scratching.

She is on antibiotics for a week and her medicated creams has been changed... and another visit will come in two weeks time.


Please if you are reading this, help us by saying a little prayer for the little girl.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So tired...


Look at how tired she is, sleeping whilst completing her homework.
She has been dozing off on her lunches too.
Kind of sad to see her in this state.
While napping, she will always wake up within an hour crying.
However, she does not even know it.
And after a quick trip to the bathroom, she crashed into her bed again.

Monday, January 21, 2008

My little bear...

looks so handsome HERE .
Gave my second faceless bear to Honeymeow and she totally fell in love with him.
Why is it a him and not a her... we don't know...somehow its a HIM.
Anyway, I know he is cute but I did not know that he is soooooooo cuuutttttteeeeeeeeeee!!!
So Honeymeow has insisted that I start making them for sale but because the pattern is copyrighted I can't.
But I just cannot get her nagging (don't scold me har...) out of my head, so will be attempting to modify the pattern.
Now, we decided that there will be 5 brothers to be borned soon in time for Valentine's Day.
Get in touch with her at to reserve one for your dearest.
There will only be 5 brothers... so it is limited edition!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Aver's First Birthday Post by Honeymeow

Honeymeow had did a write-up on Aver's birthday and I must say she did a very good job... better than me.

You can go read it HERE!

Thank you Honeymeow for the pictures, the blog post and also the perfect complexion that I can only dream of.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Packed food for Ash

There are some really creative mums at a forum who work miracles with the food in their hands to create wonderful bentos for their school-going kiddos.

I, on the other hand, lack this creativity but due to the exorbitant prices of the canteen food in Ash's school, I decided to pack some food for her.
Hence, I will not shamefully call my prepared lunch boxes, Bentos, but just Packed Food.

Here are three of them that I had prepared last week.

07 Jan 08
Cornflakes cups and cherries
10 Jan 08
Seaweed Pork Floss Rice Rolls with Mini Mandarin Oranges

11 Jan 08
Tuna Seaweed Rice Rolls and Moulded Egg with Mini Mandarin Oranges

There is a need to plan and prepare the food the night before in my slumber state but I sort of enjoy the process of it.
Plus, I feel better that Ash is eating "good" food rather than the pricey not much nutrition canteen food.
It also allow her to save her pocket money for other uses (which I secretly hopes that she will not).

Crafting Weekend

Have not been doing much of my crafting and has been rather restless about it.
Since I did not wake up in time to go for church service on Sunday, we stayed home for most part of the day.
With that time, I pulled out my sewing machine and the outcome was these.

And I must say I am very proud of them and so want to keep them all for myself.
Anyway, the end products are availabe here.

So what do you think about them?

Monday, January 07, 2008

How is Primary One so far?

Ash has been in school for four days and so far still quite alright.
She has been waking up at 5 am and has been quite a good girl at that.
So far she has been able to get herself ready and her breakfast down in her tummy in time with no rushing at all.
However, when she hit home she is all ready to jump into bed and snooze away.
So after her quick lunch, she will go snoozing away.
That is the hard part... when to wake her up?
If I wake her up in a hour, she may not have enough rest.
If I let her sleep away, she may not have the time to practise her piano and do her homework.
And, she got her spelling list.
Coming Wednesday, she will have her first spelling.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First Day of Primary School

Ash's first day of primary school... we are all excited.
We (as in parents) set our hand phone to wake us up at 5 am so that we have ample time to get ready for school.
At 5 am, Superpig went to wake Ash up.
In her slumber state she mumbled,"I am going to pass urine on your hand..."
Was quickly ushered to the bathroom to do her business and for a quick morning refreshing shower.
Then there was breakfast and it was time to go wait for the school bus.

School bus came a little later then the company had claimed to arrive.
While waiting, Ash said,"I forgot to brush my teeth."
With all the excitement of getting her ready for school we totally forgot the most basic morning routine.
Once she is in the bus, we hopped into our car to meet her in school.
In school, it is the usual hustle and bustle of school assembly and the girls are off to their classrooms.

And Aver was happily sleeping away.
Parents loitered around in the canteen which was beside the Primary One classrooms.
I don't deny that we did the same thing.
While the teacher was trying to organise the pupils, mark the attendance, collect their books and so on, our Ash were looking kind of bored.
She whipped out her storybook and started reading and reading and reading.
She was told to keep it away by another teacher and she did.
But in less then ten minutes, she took the book out and continued reading.
Then came the most exciting part for all anxious parents - recess!
Older girls came down to fetch these newcomers to the canteen to buy their food.
Was lucky that Ash and her 'big sister' chose to sit rather near to the barricade that was set up.
Yes... barricade ...which is necessary to stop over anxious parents from rushing up to their daughters and start pampering them.
Ash happily munched away at her chocolate chip muffin.

Once she was done with that she went off with her 'big sister' to explore the rest of the school.

Seriously, she looks so cute in that uniform....according to my mum, she looks just like me when I went to school.

I just hope that she adjust well to the primary school environment and also will behave herself.