Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To the skin doctor...

Aver's rash took a turn for the worse. She had two fellow church member praying for her whilst in church last Sunday and we are totally grateful to them. It definitely is better than have those people who passed hurtful remarks. Just to name a few...

1) "AIYOH... look at the baby....tsk...tsk..." Auntie shaking head at the same time.

2) " So sayang... such a cute baby her face like that..." auntie decided that her fingers are clean enough to touch Aver's already pus-producing rash.

3) "AIYOH....why like that? eeee...." Aunties decided to continue discussing Aver's rash behind our back LOUDLY!

Oh yes, all these made me breakdown yet again. It hurts to see my own baby hurting like that and than have to hear such comments. Of course there are others who are concerned and they have the courtesy not to pass such remarks.

Sunday night itself, while I was busy trying to finish up on the girls' new year clothes I did not pay much notice to the slumbering Aver. When it was time to transfer the baby to the bedroom, I nearly fainted in fright! I thought my baby had died.

BLOOD... blood flowed from her cheeks and were all over her mattress, hands and shirt. Blood was still oozing out when I saw her. I broke down.... I cannot stand it anymore. To prevent her from scratching it, I held her in my arms the whole night through.

The next morning, we went to the government clinic to get a referral to the skin centre. Got the earliest appointment and thank God, it was today. I made the mistake of letting her sleep by herself on her bed and I woke up at 5 am to discover blood again. However, this time the damage was slightly less than the night before.
Here she is sleeping wearing a pair of socks to prevent her from scratching.

She is on antibiotics for a week and her medicated creams has been changed... and another visit will come in two weeks time.


Please if you are reading this, help us by saying a little prayer for the little girl.

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