Monday, January 07, 2008

How is Primary One so far?

Ash has been in school for four days and so far still quite alright.
She has been waking up at 5 am and has been quite a good girl at that.
So far she has been able to get herself ready and her breakfast down in her tummy in time with no rushing at all.
However, when she hit home she is all ready to jump into bed and snooze away.
So after her quick lunch, she will go snoozing away.
That is the hard part... when to wake her up?
If I wake her up in a hour, she may not have enough rest.
If I let her sleep away, she may not have the time to practise her piano and do her homework.
And, she got her spelling list.
Coming Wednesday, she will have her first spelling.


Superpig said...

maybe we could sent her to bed by 3:30. wake her latest by 5. at least there are some time for h/w and piano practice done by 5;30 before dinner

Mel said...

wow,5 am is really early! glad to hear all is going well for her.. :D

Arkerchi said...

Yes, Mel... 5 am is real early but no choice. my girl is a super dilly-dallier.