Monday, January 14, 2008

Packed food for Ash

There are some really creative mums at a forum who work miracles with the food in their hands to create wonderful bentos for their school-going kiddos.

I, on the other hand, lack this creativity but due to the exorbitant prices of the canteen food in Ash's school, I decided to pack some food for her.
Hence, I will not shamefully call my prepared lunch boxes, Bentos, but just Packed Food.

Here are three of them that I had prepared last week.

07 Jan 08
Cornflakes cups and cherries
10 Jan 08
Seaweed Pork Floss Rice Rolls with Mini Mandarin Oranges

11 Jan 08
Tuna Seaweed Rice Rolls and Moulded Egg with Mini Mandarin Oranges

There is a need to plan and prepare the food the night before in my slumber state but I sort of enjoy the process of it.
Plus, I feel better that Ash is eating "good" food rather than the pricey not much nutrition canteen food.
It also allow her to save her pocket money for other uses (which I secretly hopes that she will not).


YL said...

ur packed lunch looks gd too. I like the rice roll n cornflakes cups, they look yummy. can share the pic of ur egg mold? I like ur egg.

YL said...

forgot to add. I can see tt u are very talented in sewing. U can consider making a bento bag for ur girl. If u can, maybe can make one n sell to me too. :)

Jarrett Boy said...

you did a great job in preparing for her meals & the sewings! impressed* How I wish I can cover just as much as you can when Jarrett is older...

Arkerchi said...

Thanks Jarret boy. Oh... my crafting is done at night when both my dds are sleeping. In a short two hours i try to complete one little project but quite dificult sometimes.

Jarrett Boy said...

wow! you gotta have the perserverence to do them. I wonder if I will do that...