Monday, January 21, 2008

My little bear...

looks so handsome HERE .
Gave my second faceless bear to Honeymeow and she totally fell in love with him.
Why is it a him and not a her... we don't know...somehow its a HIM.
Anyway, I know he is cute but I did not know that he is soooooooo cuuutttttteeeeeeeeeee!!!
So Honeymeow has insisted that I start making them for sale but because the pattern is copyrighted I can't.
But I just cannot get her nagging (don't scold me har...) out of my head, so will be attempting to modify the pattern.
Now, we decided that there will be 5 brothers to be borned soon in time for Valentine's Day.
Get in touch with her at to reserve one for your dearest.
There will only be 5 brothers... so it is limited edition!

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