Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First Day of Primary School

Ash's first day of primary school... we are all excited.
We (as in parents) set our hand phone to wake us up at 5 am so that we have ample time to get ready for school.
At 5 am, Superpig went to wake Ash up.
In her slumber state she mumbled,"I am going to pass urine on your hand..."
Was quickly ushered to the bathroom to do her business and for a quick morning refreshing shower.
Then there was breakfast and it was time to go wait for the school bus.

School bus came a little later then the company had claimed to arrive.
While waiting, Ash said,"I forgot to brush my teeth."
With all the excitement of getting her ready for school we totally forgot the most basic morning routine.
Once she is in the bus, we hopped into our car to meet her in school.
In school, it is the usual hustle and bustle of school assembly and the girls are off to their classrooms.

And Aver was happily sleeping away.
Parents loitered around in the canteen which was beside the Primary One classrooms.
I don't deny that we did the same thing.
While the teacher was trying to organise the pupils, mark the attendance, collect their books and so on, our Ash were looking kind of bored.
She whipped out her storybook and started reading and reading and reading.
She was told to keep it away by another teacher and she did.
But in less then ten minutes, she took the book out and continued reading.
Then came the most exciting part for all anxious parents - recess!
Older girls came down to fetch these newcomers to the canteen to buy their food.
Was lucky that Ash and her 'big sister' chose to sit rather near to the barricade that was set up.
Yes... barricade ...which is necessary to stop over anxious parents from rushing up to their daughters and start pampering them.
Ash happily munched away at her chocolate chip muffin.

Once she was done with that she went off with her 'big sister' to explore the rest of the school.

Seriously, she looks so cute in that uniform....according to my mum, she looks just like me when I went to school.

I just hope that she adjust well to the primary school environment and also will behave herself.

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