Saturday, December 29, 2007

Out of job!

Think I am out of job.
Hate it... cos I knew this would happen before the school closed.
Even asked that it to be confirmed whether I am still able to continue with the special arrangement but was told not to worry.
Was told to remain status quo as the P is ignorant and cannot be bothered with such issue.
Today, I decided to ask and was told that have to confirm with the P again as she is rather...

Hate it because I knew it would happened and was all prepared to look for another homebase job.
An ex-colleague and good friend even called me to tell me that there was an opening in a company which I can give it a try.
However, I could not because I was told to REMAIN STATUS QUO.

Now for the next 6 months, we will be financially challenged!

I hate it!

I wish I can do more to help out Superpig but I can't.

The little hobby business is not doing well as I did not put in a lot of effort and with the two princesses demanding my attention, I have very limited time to run it properly.

GOD HELP ME, HELP US... please....

If anyone is reading this, please leave some encouraging comments as I really need some now.


honeymeow said...

It may be a blessing in disguise. You now have time to work on your crafts that you love doing and just keep doing it and selling them. U can always list them on Auctions and put them on ebay. U'll be surprised how well they'd sell. They're lovely! Esp the bear u know!! Make a Valentines Bear or even a CNY bear! Or even make CNY carrier bags. I'm sure u can make lovely ones with chinese silk. Make one with a divider so u can put old and new ang pows. It'll be a hit! U can do it! I always find being out of a job or placing urself in a more urgent situation can make u more enterprising. At very least, it will garner a little pocket money out of something u like to do.

Arkerchi said...

thank u Pam. U just pushed me to look at it in a better way. More motivated to do what I like best. And I still owe u somethings... guess u will only get it in 2008. So sorry to spoil the christmas gift u intended to give. That is one reason why I am not a good business woman.

honeymeow said...

:) No worries about that, I already factored it out to give it to her just as a galfriend gift and got her something else for Christmas instead. :)

Jessie Chua said...

i don't know what happen to your working life but i know a lot of company "quote" working mum and over age woman (like if u take ugrent due to yr kids is sick their reply is that is your family problem!) I just want to explain why i took urgent leave and this is wat they reply. I know it is my family problem. Then sian.....
I understand being a working mum is not easy. So keep it up !