Friday, December 28, 2007

All about 2007 Christmas

December went past in a whiz with a whirlwind of events.

Drown amongst the many projects to complete for each event, I totally have no idea what actually happened in December.

I know that it is a must to take some Christmas-sy pictures with all the Christmas lightings.

However, that was not done at all as there were the continuous rain and when it did not rain, I was to worn out to get out of the house.

Then there were the presents to prepare as there were some requests...tissue cozies.

Then there were Christmas cookies to bake for Ash's music teachers and abacus teacher but that was not done at all.

Then there was the Christmas log cake to bake for the Christmas get-together that was replaced with a simple cake with Christmas decoration.

Then presents to wrap.

And finally the Christmas get-together.

Now, I am nursing a overtired body, mind and soul.

But before I can really rejuvenate... I need to prepare for Ash's first day in Primary One.

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Superpig said...

time to adjust our sleeping time lor... no more late nights.