Sunday, December 16, 2007

Aver's First Birthday Celebration - 16 December 2007

Aver turn one today.
Had a birthday celebration.
A special thank you to Pam (Honeymeow) for taking photographs for us.
Photos can be viewed in Aver's blog...

Here... I am going to talk about this past year.

Birth of Aver was smooth and really quite easy.
Taking care of Aver can be a challenge as she does not really like to take naps.
She was expected to be a big size baby like her sister but she did not live up to the expectation.
People around were always commenting that she is small for her age...but she is healthy and active so who cares what they say.
Then came the rashes... the coming and the going of the rashes really makes me quite upset.
However, with constant prayers and medication, I am very sure that it will be cured.
Aver wears me down with her constant need for my attention but she always made sure that she will give me her sweetest smile when I need it.
Aver loves her sister, Ash.
She follows Ash everywhere she goes and always get excited when we go to school to fetch Ash home.
A year... a very tiring year but yet a very fullfilling year.
A year... I breastfed Aver for a year and am willing to go on.
A year... I promise the next year will be just as fun as this year...

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Superpig said...

Guess there isn't any update yet as you are so burned out after the parties and you are busy rashing the Christmas gifts sewing. Averlyn is not helping by waking up crying every 15min.