Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Superpig's update

98.5 kg

I must say that I am very proud of Superpig and his determination.

Coming home last night, we meet our neighbour on the way.

We chatted and she mentioned that Superpig is slimmer.

His potbelly has shrunk.

Now, I better do something about myself or he may be snatched away.

There he is gorging down his dinner... but it's all without carbo. (Hope he doesn't scroll down to here or I will be RIP-ing)


Superpig said...

i ever left a comment...

but. its all good. hehe.. thanks for cooking nice low carb dinner!

they taste good too!

honeymeow said...

Is that Tow kwa I see? Not bread slices right? hahahha

Congratulations Kenny!! Thats a total of 5.5kg!!!

Keep it up! Remember now.. U're moving into the next stage where its not only water fat now.. U have to up ur exercise.