Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Princess Gown (Work in progress...)

Ash's birthday is coming up and we have been planning for two months for her birthday.
It started with the theme - Princess
Then she selected the kind of cake that she wants and most importantly it has to be Mummy Baked.
After that was decided, we had to look for a suitable princess gown.
Well, buying one was an option but I felt that it will be wasting money.
So I decided to make one for her instead.
I worked on it for a few nights and by last night I was able to see a decent dress.
There are more to be done but I am just too proud of it to keep quiet.

The Top

Close-up ... I spent around three nights to get this done.

The whole dress (almost whole....)

The Princess trying on ...

So what do you think? Nice enough? Should I be proud of my own handiwork?


Mel said...

of course you should. that looks great! :D

Superpig said...

See you work so hard thru the nights slowly sewing the beads on... poor girl

But seeing the finaly product. i felt so proud of you.

Good job!

Jarrett Boy said...

thats a very nice dress you made!
Good job!!!
Ur gal will be so proud of you. ^ ^