Monday, December 10, 2007

Ash's birthday party - 09 Dec 2007

Ash's birthday is on 14th December but we decided to hold the celebration on a weekend.

Hence we celebrated it on 9th December, Sunday.

Think you have read enough about me going on and going about the various preparation that went on, so today you will see for yourself the celebration enough.

I prepared the butercream icing the night before but my wonderful Superpig forgot to take a photo of me slogging away.

With the buttercream done, I store them nicely in the fridge and then sit back and think about the next day.

On the 9th itself, I got to kick myself out of the bed early... (okay, 9am is not very early but at least I tried.)
I started to bake the cupcakes, prepared Aver's breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I am glad that I begged my mum to come over and help me take care of Aver while I slogged away in the kitchen.

Once the cupcakes were ready and cooled, the creaming comes next.

After about an hour of creaming the cupcakes, I finally can rest my legs.

While I was in the kitchen, Ash enteratined herself...

I stood from 9 am till 1pm and my heels hurt very badly.

Think I seriously need to wear a pair of well-cushioned shoes at home too.

Once we gobbled down our lunch, it was time to pack all the things in the car and move on down to the venue of the celebration itself.

The rest of the evening, I will leave it to the photos to tell the story.



uperpig said...

It was great. every1 commented very nice cakes and dress.

Excellent job by Arkerchi (2 thumbs up)

i ate a bit of the cakes too.. yummy.. wth chocolate chunks

Arkerchi said...

orhhhhhhhhhh... u ate the cake.
Later Pam will scold u... ha ha ha
tonight better run a few rounds okay?

and I cannot help but say this...
You spelt ur name WRONG!

babylove said...

beautiful cake.. Wendy...

honeymeow said...

aahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Run Kenny Run... Discipline hor.. but ok lah.. one cake only right? No harm done. This Sunday.. ONLY ONE CAKE ONI HOR... *KICK*