Saturday, August 22, 2009


It has been a long time ... (yet again).

Well, let start with a sale that I had to go. Borders Warehouse Sale...
I love books and both the princesses love books hence this was a must go sale.
Although the selection of the books were not big and the prices were not as low as I hoped it would be, we managed to find several books for both girls.
There was also a lucky draw which I entered and thought nothing of.
Ten minutes after walking out of the place, I received a call and this is my prize...

So I am happy with my new toy...
So I have 3 cameras and a very good camera phone... happiness!
And how else to prove its usefulness...

Now I am frantically trying to finish up gifts for the upcoming Teachers' Day.
There are also some embroidery to complete and I am not very good at it so it is kind of stressing me out.

Friday, August 07, 2009

On a happier note...

Due to the stress that an irresponsible person had caused I suffered from a terrible migraine attack that kept me in bed the next day. When I was better, I refused to sit and sulk... I will never be able to win this battle and will not want to waste my energy on such things.

So I dusted off the dust from my sewing machine and sewed some.

Dinner... was a little fun-looking.
I bought these cute serving plates to make the princesses meals more insteresting.

And these are the satisfied looking princesses after the meal.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

It has been a long time...

I have been neglecting my blog... my life.
These few weeks it can be trying and tiring.
No crafting has been done.
Only thoughts of projects but when I am finally able to sit down, I am almost asleep already.
Family outing is rare nowadays due to H1N1... I am paranoid, Aver is under high risk catergory.
Unhappy with quite a bit of stuffs and if I can slap and kick someone for his irresponsible actions hence causing me lack of sleep, I will.
I hate be stabbed at the back when I am trying to be good and nice.
Apparently, in the real world, the good ones always seems to lose out.

However, God has eyes to see and He will judge not me.