Friday, November 30, 2007

My New Digital Camera

Today went to John Little Mega Sale at Singapore Expo and at the hall right beside it was Sitex Exhibition.
Have been eyeing for a new digital camera which is slim and light.
Not that I do not like my Canon Powershot S40... I love it because of the semi-automatic function but it had been with us for six long years.
So I did asked Superpig whether I can have a new camera as my wedding anniversary, birthday and Christmas present. He initially refused as financially it may be a little difficult. I understand and I did not force him.

I must say that he is the best husband already.
He finally bought a Casio Exlim for me....


I love my Canon Powershot but I have an EOS for a better control of the function.
I love my Canon Powershot but I now have a slimmer and lighter Casio Exlim.

I just hope that the new camera will be up to my expectation.

THANK YOU Superpig... Muacks!

1 comment:

Superpig said...

Ya wasn't ready to buy 1.

But i actually wanted to scout and buy 1 home in secret. but guess i'm not as rmantic after all... lol

Hope u like it.