Sunday, November 25, 2007

No more nuts!

I am officially not allowed to eat peanuts from now onwards.
I had mentioned in earlier post that Aver's rashes were healing with the California Baby cream however, a few days ago the rashes came back.
The rashes were red and it looked infected.
Went back to the doctor and was given 3 days of oral antibiotics and also a stronger steroid cream.
I was kind of upset as he finally with this third visit confirmed that Aver has eczema.
On the brighter side, he said that he had seen cases with worse condition on the baby's face but as the baby grow, the condition improve. (Quite assuring ...)
However, being a pessimistic idiot, I came home feeling kind of down and thought real hard what could have triggered the rashes.
Then it dawned on me... PEANUTS!
Not that Aver were fed with peanuts, I ate them and I nurse her.
So it got into the milk which got into her body.
Hence the rash....

So all peanuts has been cleared from the house...given to my mum (another nut addict!)

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