Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another to try the Atkins Diet

Met up with Superpig's friends last weekend.
He told them about his current diet and why he decided to go ahead with it eventhough it can be rather challenging.
He explained to them what the diet is about and how he had gotten use to the "no carbo" diet.

Yesterday, he came home and told me that his friend,F (who is also on the big size catergory) has started on the diet too.
After hearing from Superpig and also his brother (whose friend mentioned it before), he decided to read up on it and gave it a go.

Hope both of them would be able to meet their goal of weight lost.

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honeymeow said...

Another piece of good news! We'll all catch up again once Robert is back from Hong Kong! Perhaps U might want to ask ur friend F to join us at the meet.