Friday, November 30, 2007

Superpig's update



honeymeow said...

Thats great! Keep it up Kenny! And BTW Robert had me tell u that U REALLY got to get started on a regular exercise regime for many reasons..

1. If u're not going to get started exercising, ur body will go into hibernation mode and start storing fats.

2. U need to work off all that cholesterol u've been taking with all that meat u're eating.

And a point to note is.. unless U'RE staying near East Coast - which u're not. Try doing ur running around ur estate area or work area for convenience sake as there will be days that travelling to exercise will just make you give up. If its just downstairs, it makes it alot easier for you to just do it before u start procrastinating.

Good Luck! And Good Job so far! Pictures Pictures!!!

Superpig said...

picture's? i shy leh...

did a 35minute slow run around the estate. now my leg aches like.. >.<"


honeymeow said...

Do remember that u start burning fat ONLY after 30 mins of exercise. So technically. You did only 5 mins of effective exercise.

Next time, jog slow for 30 mins and speed up for the next 15-20 mins before u cool down and STRETCH.

Stretching is VERY important so that U don't get FLABBY SKIN FROM THE weightloss.

honeymeow said...

Do know that you'd initially get the morning after pains esp with a new exercise but it'll always get better. Don't WAIT till u feel the pain go away. Keep ur exercise intervals max 2 days difference.. Mon- Wed - Fri or Sat.. etc.. even when u're feeling sore the next exercise day, just get started - the soreness will go away once u get ur muscles moving.

but if its a sharp pain, rest it till u feel better.

If its just an ache.. relax and drink Eno... At least u know u have muscles there.