Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Update on Superpig

Today is the third day that Superpig is on the Atkins diet.

I must say that he sure have a whole lot of determination.

Although he looks a little grumpy but he should be able to get over it soon.

His energy level is low but he claims that he is alright.

He has been visiting the toilet more often then his usual morning and night visitation.

And he finally understood that he can eat as much as he want as long as he doesn't consume anything that has high carbohydrate.

So he went and bought 1.5 kg worth of Ba Kwa (barbecued pork slices)

He started out with his weight at 104kg (yes... he is that massive)

This morning he is at 102.5kg!

It has only been three days.

All the way... Superpig!

(I have intended to put up Superpig's fat picture up here but he refused to give me the rights...)

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