Thursday, November 22, 2007

Superpig's update



honeymeow said...

Robert will be so pleased to hear this! I'm going to sms him now and I'm sure he'll be cheering all the way from Hong Kong! Great Job Kenny! Thats 4kg down! And btw. weigh in ur baseweights IN THE MORNING LAH. after u washup and pee.

Jarrett said...

Hi! Saw your blog from mummysg.

wow! in a just a mth 4kg!! 100% no carbo intake?

A friend of mine also skip carbo during his dieting for almost 2mths.
But have rashes in the end & doc say it's caused by not having any carbo. Body had problem with it. So maybe you have to watch out on this.

honeymeow said...

Going on a carb free diet would be recommended only for people without health problems.

There may be people with innate problems that could have set off symptoms like a rash - heck, it could have been a viral rash for all u know..

Jarrett Boy said...

well, just wanna share this info I got from my friend whom had this rashes due to that diet..
Gald to see ur hubby wt has been doing down!! jia u!!