Sunday, November 11, 2007

Superpig on Atkins Diet

We went to find out more about this Atkins diet thingy from Pam and her husband yesterday afternoon.

Basically, carbohydrate has to be eliminated from the diet and exercising must come in.
After the sharing session, Superpig seemed convinced and for myself... I will only go on partial diet since I am still nursing and I do not need to get rid of massive amount of weight.

We went for dinner and thinking that since Superpig will start the next day, he should enjoy lots of carb for the night. However, he surprised me by starting on the programme rice and no finishing up Ash's kway teow...

Way to go Superpig....

But when we reached home, he mentioned that his tummy felt full but his arms were weak... withdrawal symptoms from no carb. Then a two hours later he was hungry and went in search of food. Tried as he might, there seems to be nothing he can eat. Suddenly, I felt kind of sad for him and almost wanted him to stop (talk about determination!)

Then I decided that I have to grant him the utmost support he can have. I steamed egg with minced meat (but I was over zealous... I steamed 3 eggs...) and he enjoyed it.

Today for breakfast, he took fried fish soup only... no rice, no noodles ... and we ate roti prata. ( I felt kind of bad eating that in front of him.) To make it worse, Ash offered him a piece of her prata... Superpig did a little exercise ... shook his head and said NO!

Way to go Superpig....

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