Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ash's Primary One Orientation

Went to the eldest primary school for her Primary One Orientation.
Kind of cute to see her in the school with all the other little girls.
More interesting is that she is stepping on the same place that I stepped on when I was in Primary School.
Entering the school make me feel like I am a little primary schooler all over again.
Brings back quite a bit of memory ...
Other then the sense of nostalgia, there were more important things to do.
Filling in all the necessary forms, signing up for the bus transport, finding out more about the after school care that is ran by YMCA in the school itself, buying of books and so on.
Most importantly, we had to have enough money for all the purchases but... Superpig forgot to bring his cheque book! Thank goodness I bought along enough cash...

The breakdown of the expenses...

1) Paying for miscellaneous stuff of school - $60
2) School books - $145
3) School Bus - $220
4) School Uniforms -$90
5) School Shoes - $20
6) School bag - $70

Total $605

So... as we sweat it out trying to get all the things, Ash was in the class with the parent volunteers and big sisters. They also went to tour the school grounds and even had a recess (we caught her in time to give her a dollar to go enjoy herself).

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