Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ash's concept on money

Ash went on an exercusion the day before with her school. They first went to a primary school to have firsthand experience of life as a primary schooler then they went off to Changi Airport Terminal 3.

When I went to fetch her from school, I wanted to peek into her coin pouch to see how much she had left.

Ash immediately said,"Mummy, there are many coins inside. You will be very rich!"
She brimmed from ear to ear.

I looked at her puzzled ...

Then it dawned on me... more coins = more money.

She was given 2 one-dollar coins and was left with seventy cents (made up of a twenty-cent coin, 4 ten-cent coins and 2 five-cent coins). So in her young mind, she went with two coins but came back with 7 coins... hence she has more.

Guess I need to spend some time on the concept of money.

Take a peek at her diary entry of her excursion here

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