Wednesday, November 21, 2007


My memory is actually quite good but I have a feeling that it is failing me nowadays.
I know I only have two kids in the house, an almost six year old and an eleven month old.
However, it seems like I also have a thirty-something kid.

Ash had to go to school for her P1 Prep Class and she was taking her time to finish up her milk.
Superpig was getting a bit impatient as she was going to be late for lesson.
As Ash was about to finish her milk, he stomped off to the toilet.
He insisted that he would need to clear his bowel.
I told him that Ash was ready to go already.
But he threw a tantrum and said that he had waited very long and now he needed to clear his bowel the second time. Since she was already late he can continue with his business.


Seems like there are three kids in the house rather than two.

My Three Kids

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