Friday, November 02, 2007

My eldest has graduated!

Today is the graduation concert for her kindergarten. It is kind of early though as there is another two more weeks of school to before it marks the end of her preschool years.

Although Ash did not have a big part in the concert... she was simply a "passerby", she did a great job.

She was so serious before walking up to the stage. Her mortar board was about to drop but she kept herself steady and the board stayed on her head till she went off stage.

At the grand finale, where the all the pupils sang and danced, Ash put in her best and she performed very well.

Between Superpig and myself, we agreed that she is the best attitude "passerby".

I am proud of her. And I would say that she is one of those who behaved well too.

So today...

My eldest has GRADUATED!

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Jessie Chua said...

it is easy to see your child grow so fast especially if someone take care for you , if u take care of yourself u will find "why so slow" :)