Friday, November 23, 2007

Ash's acheivement

It started out with a simple goal...not allowing ourselves to use the fact that Ash is a year end baby as an excuse.

So, we will always set aside time to teach her academically. I started with flashcards then proceeded to reading, learning through play, lots and loys of reading. When she started K1, I tried to teach her what the school taught till now preparing for primary one.

People deemed us as academically driven parents but we are not as she has many activities on weekends which do not invovle academics.

We believe only in on thing, if she can then we should not let it to waste.

Since the school holidays has started and I need to keep her occupied, Ash has academic work to do and also fun activities lined up.

Gave her an English and Maths SA1 papers from a top girl school and we were totally blown off with what she produced.
The Mathematics Paper

The English Paper

Okay, we are really proud of her but yet again what we are not so sure she will do as well when she goes primary one next year. She is a very easily distracted gal and that is the one weakness that will cause her downfall.

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