Monday, November 19, 2007

California baby's Calendula Cream

I am not their official advertiser and no... I am not paid to do this.
Anyway, when there is a good product why not share it with others.

If you all have noticed from the pictures I posted of Aver, she has been suffering from skin irritation for almost 5 months now.
Red ugly rash appeared on her right cheek and it started to get big and looked badly infected.
It was under control with steroid cream, Neoderm but kept coming back when the temperature goes up.
Then two months later, two small patches appeared on the other cheek.
After that, her arms and legs also started to sprout rashes here and there.
Other then the creams given by the doctor, we had to keep the temperature down with the air-conditioner turned on.
Temperature down, expenses up...

Then I finally got my hands on this California Baby's Calendula Cream.
Had been diligently putting it on her affected areas.
It has been a week and the rashes are improving.
So I have stopped the steroid creams for now.
The rashes are no longer that red and infected looking.
It look like they are about to heal.

On top of that, we smear her with lots of Dermaveen moisturiser and aloe vera gel to soothe the itch.

So if your child or yourself is suffering from eczema, why not try it out?

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