Tuesday, November 27, 2007

After 8 Years

Thanks Pam for brigthening the photo.

After being married for eight years, the report card for our marriage says:
"Still happily married with equivalent amount of happiness and sadness"

I can only say that I love Superpig very much and no matter how he irritates and piss me off at times, I can never stay angry with him for long. We can get into a super huge (I mean HUGE!) quarrel but in no time I will be laughing again. I just cannot stay angry with him ... and he knows that too.

However, I can speak for him... I think he only hopes that I can be happier and less of an irritant.

Anyway, the actual day of our wedding is 23 November and both of us totally forgot about it when the day came and went. Both of us were quite busy, him with the coordinating of a particular Mr H's new album and me with preparing for the princesses' birthday, crocheting, sewing, housework (which is largely neglected hence the outbreak of rashes on Aver), worries of Aver's rashes and many many more...

I remembered it only yesterday while on MSN chat with Pam and totally felt like hitting myself real hard for totally forgetting about it.

So we headed of to Tampines Mall's Fish and Co. for our favourite Swordfish Collar. Since Superpig is on the Atkins diet, I get all the chips... (which I did not finish and I better not. Look at the picture below and you will know why.)

We could not get a decent picture of just the two of us cos Ash kept insisting that she wants to be in the picture.

Do I not look pregnant? And no... I AM NOT!

So after eight years, from two of us to now four ... Superpig, Super Mum, Super Gal and Super Babe.

There... our household of Supers.

And there is Little Puffer saying goodbye.

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Anonymous said...

You are 1 silly wife.

8 years are not very long, but it ain't short either. you starting to condone my nonsense.. hehehe.. so be joyful.

I love you too! I'm loving your cooking more and more. felt i'm losing the touch of cooking myself, and you sure does a better job now. Yummy yumyum.