Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yummy dinner

Sorry ... forgot to take pictures of it.

Have been cracking my head to cook a delicious enough dinner for Superpig since his diet.
He is sick of fish soup, chicken soup and so on.
In order to motivate him to continue with his already succeeding diet, I have to do something real fast before he gives up.

What can you do with mince pork meat and lettuce?
Fried them together? Lettuce will be come limp and lifeless...yuck.
Knowing he must be craving for some kind of burger, I decided to let him have burger then.

Marinated the meat with steak seasoning and sesame oil.
Chop up an onion.
Heat up the wok and oil, throw in lots of garlic, throw in the chopped onion.
Once the garlic and onion "smells" nice, throw in the minced meat.
Fry till meat is cooked.
Prepare your lettuce, peel the leaves off from core, wash and drain.

How to eat?

Get a piece of lettuce, put the meat on it (lots of it, if you like) and then add in mustard.
Wrap the lettuce around the meat and then stuff it into your mouth.
There... he got his burger (without the bread).

His comment.... Good and satisfying.
Let him tell you himself when he gets the time to read this.

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honeymeow said...

Perfect! Thats just like how we'd do a "burger".. wrap it with lettuce! Alternatively.. u can use those fried tow kwa skins and stuff it with meat.