Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Like mother, like daughter

In the car tonight, Aver was crying for milk. It was not possible to nurse her as I was sitting in the front while my mother and Ash were at the back with her.

Aver cried relentlessly and no matter how both of them tried to pacify her, she refused to be pacified.

Then Ash blurted out in desperation,"Stop! Give you milk in the afternoon, you don't want to drink that is your problem. Now you cry also no use."

That was a lightbulb moment... she sounded like me.

I would always tell Ash that if she chose not to do a certain thing and had to suffer the consequence that would be her problem.

So I really need to be more conscious of what comes out of my mouth as they get digested by these two intelligent brains.

"Huh? What were you saying, Mummy?"

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