Monday, October 15, 2007

Time for exercise

Superpig and myself decided that we should visit the gym to help ourselves slim down. So we did that the day before.

My brother have moved into his new condo and it is not very far from our home. So we decided to go to the gym there are work out. Of course, in order for me to be able to exercise, I must engage the help of my mother. She looks after Aver and watches over Ash, who will be frolicking in the waddling pool.

The nice part of the gym is that it overlooks the pool and we can see them too.

First time on the treadmill after 7 years, it sure was not easy. I could only do a twenty minutes fast walk... It was fast walk in Superpig's view... he was walking at the same pace which I was jogging.

However, I am not giving up. I hope my mother will continue to help so that we can visit the gym on a regular basis.

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