Saturday, October 06, 2007

Crochet Poncho

I am in a blogging spree... I don't really like to lump everything in one blog post so. I prefer to make little posts of the different thoughts.

Here is one on the crochet poncho I completed about two weeks ago. I found the pattern Crochetville and decided that it should be easy enough to follow.

I must say that it is quite easy but it was a challenge to keep count of the initial 96 stitches. Then I had to make sure that the chain was not twisted when I joined it together. I think I redid the beginning quite a number of times. However, I am quite happy that I redid it and the result was really good.

Yet again upon completion of the poncho, I realised that the chances of Aver using it in our little sunny island is quite slim. But who cares... I like it, I enjoyed the process of making it and I will take it out along with us in case she gets cold while shopping.

I realised that when she wears the poncho and the leg warmers together she looked like a caveman baby. Ha...

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