Sunday, October 07, 2007

Precious Moments

Today was the Precious Moments event...I would not want to talk about the event as it is quite lousy compared to the previous years.


...crowd control = weak! There were so many people and so little space.

...queue system = none! There were about four different queues and no signs to show which one was which.

...sales assistants = clueless!

...buffet lunch = what lunch? The food was so limited that everyone simply stand by the buffet table to eat so that when the dish is out, they can be the first to the food. Not to mention that some no brianer spilled rice on Aver's pram without even apologising!

I think I was super unhappy because after queing for almost 3 hours to make our purchase, the figurine that we want was sold out!

So to make ourselves feel better we took pictures with the two mascots.

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