Saturday, October 06, 2007

I sacked the cleaning lady

We are in need of watching our expenses so I had been thinking about terminating the cleaning company's service for quite awhile. However, Superpig had assured me that it was alright to continue and it would also ensure that I am not overtired. I am happy that he said that but I also do not want him to be stressed over the expenses.

Other than the above reason, the cleaning company really is not up to my standard. More like they did not fulfill what they had promised. There was supposed to be scheduled window cleaning, steaming of beds and so on but after so many months, nothing was said or done.

So I decided to end our relationship with the company and engage the lady personally. I must say that she clean the house well enough but there are areas that I am not happy with but still willing to tolerate. However, she asked for $280 for 4 hours of work per week... and I am shocked. Market rate is around $160 to $200 for 4 hours work with ironing.

Superpig decided to engage her at $260 for 5 hours work with ironing per week but I still think it is too steep. So I told him that I am only willing to pay $200 and since she is not willing then I have to say goodbye to her.

After saying goodbye, the housework is back on my shoulders. I am most willing to do them and will also draw up a schedule to do them too so as to be more disciplined. Then I rope in Ash too.

She is in-charge of mopping the three bedrooms.

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