Monday, October 15, 2007

Conversation after dinner

Sometimes when I am in the mood the things that I say can be rather crazy and it cracks Superpig up.

Today, it's one of that crazy mood days so the following was what happened after dinner.

Ash was happily chanting away,"Oh Ah Pay Ah Som..." (a variation of Scissors, Paper, Stone game). She just went on and on. Since she was free, I asked her to clean the dining table, thinking that she would stop. However, she continued and it kind of getting stuck in my head. I could hear myself joining her in my head.

I said,"Please stop it. And don't even think of it in your head."

Superpig overheard it in the kitchen and started snickering away.

Then as I was giving Aver a bathe and Ash was still cleaning away at the dining table. That was not because the table was very dirty ...

I said,"Miss Tan, what is taking you so long?"

Ash replied,"I am still cleaning."

I retorted,"The table is transparent, no matter how hard and long you scrub it will not turn as white as snow."

Superpig snickered again.

When she finally came into the kitchen, Superpig asked,"So is the table as white as snow?"

Ash replied,"NO!"

"Why?" Superpig asked her again.

"How to become as white as snow? It is transparent." Ash replied.

Sometimes, Ash gets a little frustrated with me because of my craziness.

This was the "castle" that Ash built while cleaning the table.

Hence the long time needed.

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