Friday, July 08, 2005

Third Day In Hong Kong

Change of plans, did not go to Shen Zhen today because mother-in-law's maid required a visa. So the whole gang have to go down to Tsim Sha Shui to get it done.

Took the MTR to the destination, waited patiently while they went to get the vis a done. Then tried to find a place to eat breakfast or brunch. While waiting for the resturant to be ready, Kenny, princess and myself went to have a look around. Pop into a shop and bought 4 pieces of clothes at less then S$90. A good buy and the ladies were nice.

When we returned to meet up with them...sad to say it was not very happy. Got told off by Kenny's sister that we should keep to the time and if we wanted to shop should do it later. She was not happy waiting for us. (I am upset...definitely. Cos' most of the time when there is a need to go out together Kenny, Princess and myself have to wait for them. Sometimes, we have to do that waiting game for up to half an hour or an hour... and did I complain? NO!)

After that unhappy brunch, we went shopping again. Of course, since I was told of already, I quietly followed them. As usual the three of us waited while they shopped...I complained? NO! At the second street, think they wanted to shake us off so told us to go our own way so that we did.

We went to Mongkok, where the Ladies Street is. Quite alright there, except that there are many many many people. Got a few more items and then realised that we ran out of cash. Caught a policewoman and asked her directions to the nearest Citibank. We decided to withdraw money. Then we went for desserts. Cool... I love the Zi Mah Hu. Unlike those in Singapore, it is nice and smooth.

After the recharge, we went back to Ladies Street and do more shopping. Came home with many many bags and this time they are MINE!!!

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