Thursday, March 20, 2008

Aver's rashes...again


Went for another follow-up and how timely for her rashes to start to get infected again and turned all weepy and pus-producing.

Even the dermatologist was going,"hmmm, huuuummmm, errrrr...hmmmm...."

There, she has no idea what to do as she is not reluctant to prescribe any other creams as the ones that Aver is using is already quite laden with steriods.

Then, she sent us off to a senior consultant and she went,"hmmmmm.....huuuummmmm...errrrmmmm...hmmmm..."

No... I don't mean to say that they are not good enough but really how much steriod creams can a little 15 month baby take?

They have to find alternative medicine that may not harm the baby but yet do the job.

At the end, its another round of antibiotics (a different one from the previos) and a change in the cream.

Also there is a scheduled blood test just so that we know what she is allergic to.


The Senior said that it will be an uncomfortable 10 minutes and we agreed to that comment but well what is 10 minutes compared to a whole childhood plagued by this weepy pus-producing eczema?

And so if you are reading this post, please utter a prayer for the little one that the eczema will be gone and she will be released from this horror.

Thank you.

To prevent her from scratching it at night, I sewed two pieces of shrugs..."Straitjacket" shrug.
u can read more about that in Wen Crafting but here is a picture of it.

And I will leave you with a little of her cheekiness when the rash was recovering a few weeks ago.


YL said...

You may want to consider going to this skin doc at Mt A. I went to him when i had serious ezcema, n the condition is under control after the 1st visit.

Dr Ang Chee Beng
ANG Skin & Hair Clinic
Mt Alvernia Medical Center (B)
820 Thomson Rd #01-10 Spore 574623

Arkerchi said...


thanks for the contact. will keep that in the addy book and after the blood test, we will see how n decide from there.