Monday, March 06, 2006

Haven't been working...

That's because Ashlyn wan down with the Viral Fever that was spreading like wild fire in her school. She had fever on Sunday night (26th Feb) and it rose to 40 degrees by 5 in the morning. Not forgetting that Kenny was not around as he had reservist.

I handled her all by myself through the night, brought her to the doctor's but there her fever miraculously disappeared. Took the day off to take care of her. In the afternoon her fever came back and Kenny also came back! He was given a day off due to his empress dowager's fever.

Thought everything was well by Monday night but... her fever came back at 9pm and again it soared to the 40s in the early hours of 5am. I thought I should bring her down to the doctor's again but like the day before, by 8am, her fever had miraculously disappeared.

Again thought that she should be able to return to school on Wednesday but then she started to have runny nose. She had a hard time sleeping and of course, me too.

By Thursday morning, her runny nose got worse and thank goodness Kenny had finished his stint with the National Army. So thought we should pop in to the doc's to buy some medicine but then he decided to let him have a look at him.

Once in the clinc, the receptionist response was,"The two of you ...again?" Don't think she was trying to be rude but that is quite true. For the past few weeks, we rotated in visiting the clinic. So think the doc must be sick and tired of seeing us already.

Then we kept her off school for the ret of the week cos' not sure how the situation with the viral fever is at school.

As for today, Monday... I am not at work... needed a good rest after last week.

Shhhhhhhhhh... don't let anyone in the school know...

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