Thursday, February 23, 2006

So Far So Good

Well, Kenny has been off to Reservist... to protect the country (that's what we tell Ashlyn). So I have been handling work, housework and Ashlyn all by myself. So far so good. Can be a little tiring but Ashlyn had been cooperative.

She has been a rather good girl and did not whine as much as before and that will makes things a lot easier. On top of that she is not a choosy eater so dinner has been quite a breeze. A simple dinner can comprise of rice, steamed fish and a veggie. So all the frozen food taken out the night before to thaw in the lower half of the fridge makes life a little easier.

The only thing I can complain about is the cab fare. Today's cab fare comes up to$20.30! Call cab = $4 (cos its peak hours) ERP charges = $3 Peak hours charge = $1. So in the end all the extras comes up to more than half of the actual cab fare...

Why need to take cab? Cos need to send Ashlyn to school mah... quite impossible to get her out of bed real early, like 6.30 am and then rush for the train at 7.00 am so that she can reach school by 8.00am for breakfast, right???

A few more days to go and then we are back to normal again...

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