Tuesday, March 28, 2006

PSP!!! Mine!!!

I've got the white sony PSP! Just bought it yesterday and will be sharing it with my daughter and grudging my beloved PIG!

But still I am glad to have it... cos' now i can play my bubble puzzle in the living room and watch tv on those days my beloved PIG goes online gaming in the room.

Of cos' other features in the PSP are equally attractive and will slowly explore it when I get some FREE TIME!!!

For now, I will just have to be contented with playing my Bubble Puzzle!

And Ashlyn saw it this evening, as it was lying on my pillow, and she took the liberty to "play" with it! However, I told her unless she behaves herself and also perform well in her "homework" then I will let her play during the weekend. I have let her learn the art of responsibility. Now I remember... I better get a award chart out and start charting her "rewards" for all the good behaviour and her excellent"homework". With a certain accumulation of "rewards" in the week then she can get to play the PSP.

Got it ... better start it soon.

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