Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A frustrating Start

Today do not seems to be going well.

First, I had little sleep as my daughter kept coughing through the night. I wonder when her cough will clear. No time to bring her go to the clinic,so can going give her cough medicine and the miracle medicication of PRAYER.

Second, came to school and I totally felt like an idiot. Those stupid colleagues of mine spoke of me, in front of me, treating me like a stupid idiot. Got so fed up, I called my husband and started to tell me what was happening. I raised my voice (not that I was picking a fight with my husband) but to let them I was around and they should SHUT THEIR TRAP!

Sorry for the language but seriously, they are doing things by themselves without letting the people in the level know. So people like me are left out and then they have the cheek to turn around and point an accusing finger at me.

So I do not need them to tell me what to do. I can do it by myself and really, I hope the pupils will be more up to it.

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