Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Another Sketch

Here's another sketch that I did.

Very simpler but it does lift my spirit up.

I have a fear for balloons. If one is to burst not too far away, I will scream in fear and continue to shake in fear. People around me are more horrified by my scream then the bursting of a balloon.

Whenever, a kind staff of Macdonalds come by smiling with a handful of balloons, coercing Ash to take one, you can see me violently shaking my head. She is accommodating enough not to take one most of the time but I cannot bear to see her downcast face all the time. Hence, I will reluctantly allow her to have one once in a blue moon. However, I will always reduce it to a pitiful pea size (okay...its bigger than a pea) so that it will not burst.

However, I cannot resist balloons that come in the shape of a heart. Somehow, I am drawn to them. My secret wish is to have many many heart shaped balloons and to let them go into the blue sky.

Maybe, it is to say...spread more love to people around us.

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