Monday, September 03, 2007

Weekend Fun Part 2 - HI-5 is in town

Went for the Hi-5 show last night with two princesses and Superpig.

For days, Ash had repeatedly talk about the show that she will be watching.
On Sunday itself, she kept reminding us that the show was at 7 pm.
After church, we went shopping around and she kept asking whether is it 7 pm.
She must be very excited over it.

She enjoyed herself there although she was too shy to jump around like the other kids.
She went home with a Hi-5 cushion. And the only reason why she got to have it was because Superpig has a fetish over cushions.

Aver also enjoyed herself during the show.
Before the show started, she went off to dreamy land but with 5 minutes into the show, she woke up.
That was her first time watching Hi-5...first time...she had not watched it on TV yet.
When they sang, she danced. (My poor aching arms...)

As for Superpig, he fell asleep in the second part of the show.
That was what he did the last year too.
So I think next time, I will not spend money on another ticket for him.
I highly recommend that he sits outside and take a nap while we girls go enjoy the show.
Oh... plus pay for all the things that we want to buy.

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babylove said...

seems like ashlyn is enjoying herself.. should have ask Faith to join her