Saturday, September 29, 2007

Clearing the house

One of the projects listed in the previous posts was to clear up the clutter around the house.

I finally embarked on it the night before.

I started with the study room and found a few nice things for the upcoming Christmas.
Now, I wonder why I had not given them earlier?
Why were they kept aside?

Then I found a few treasures too.

A book that belonged to my father... it teaches conversational Malay.

Maybe just one day, I may embark on learning our official language.

Then a Carebear Sticker book that belong to Superpig.
Oh... I so love them.

A few books that I truly liked when I was a little kid.

My primary school hymnal... I wonder whether Ash will have the same hymnal when she goes to Primary One next year.

Oh... and my two diaries which bring me lots of pain when I read it. Ouch... I was so naive and childish.

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