Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time Flies

Time flies past very quickly and it kinds of scare me a little.
I thought I had just given birth not long ago and now Aver is already coming to 9 months.
I thought I just put Ash into childcare and in a few more months she will be in Primary 1.

So in order to maintain a little control over time and life, I seriously need to have better time management and goal setting.

There are things to be completed and I am giving myself a strict dateline to do so.
I realised that I am so hooked up in the internet going through the many forums and blogs that time just fly by my face without me realising it.

Hence, I will be limiting my time on the internet reading blogs and forums to an hour a day. There will be no bargaining in this area.

Mondays - Cross stitching
Tuesday - Sewing
Wednesday - Scrapbooking
Thursday and Friday - I can choose any of the above to do or I can bake
Saturday and Sunday - Usually the day is so packed that I would not have any energy left for my crafts.

Now a few projects that I need to complete:
1. Snow skin mooncakes
2. Crochet leg warmers
3. Ash's quilt
4. Diaper bags

Okay, I have to be very strict with myself.

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