Monday, July 20, 2009

My Simple Attempt at Bento-ing

Since I had many of the bento-ing stuffs, I really have to start somewhere.

So I tried simple first.

Instead of the usual bowl, I put the princesses' dinner in bento boxes.

Then I started out with the carrots letterings.

Ash's bento have a Hello Kitty Seaweed cut-out and the Taiwan Sausages in crab-like shape.
But you can see for yourself that the seaweed and the sausagese did not come out as it was planned.

Although the bentos were far from the professional ones, the princesses liked their bentos.
Aver kept insisting on having carrots and also insisted that it must be in her name!

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about Jaeden said...

how do you cut the carrots? do you have a stencil?