Monday, June 29, 2009

Anyone there???

Seems a bit quiet here at the blog ...
Seems like my friends have gone off to other places...
Well... life goes on.

First up... Superpig's birthday was last Friday.
He went to work as usual and he did hint about a cake.
The night before, we were at a minimart and he said,"You need to replenish your baking stuff?"
I did not think much of it until Friday afternoon itself and realised that he hinted for a birthday cake.
So I baked... and this is a chocolate eggless butterless cake.

It was perfect for Aver.
It was good enough just that I cut the sugar down a lot so it was not as sweet as a cake should be.
Aver loved the cake a lot as she was simply thrilled that she could eat one.
Ash loved it too as she was involved in the baking.

Then there is a little girl, C, whose birthday falls behind Kenny's.
So I made her a bag.
I made another one for her little sister, C, whose birthday was a lot earlier (which I had forgotten...sorry)
I hope they like the bags.


Anonymous said...

first time u mention yr superpig's big name!i guess bakery will never get yr orders for cake! ;o) 2C loved the bags! there are so impressively crotchet! thank you so much for the time spent (no matter how effortlessly u did it-yr gifted skill!), yr great efforts, your most sincere thots and yr family's special delivery! was great to see you all! many thx!

about Jaeden said...

Ashleigh smiled so sweetly...and Aver can see the joy in her face...and where is my share? hehe?

Arkerchi said...

wrong spelling... my dear...

your share in my fridge... come and get it :)

about Jaeden said...


Melissa Goodsell said...

The cake looks delicious!! I really love the bags too, they're beautiful.