Monday, June 08, 2009

What's up?

I have been rather slow in updating this blog. Not that I am not interested in blogging just that there are many things that require my attention.

So for some updates...

I did a little crafting so you can pop over to Wencrafting to take a look.
(I don't want to repost here... to save some time.)

The school hoilday is here and so I have 4 weeks to spend one on one time with Ash while Aver goes to childcare. She is doing her cross stitch that have been put on hold for a year already. I hope that she can finish it this time round.

The previous Saturday we went to Night Safari and it was a good workout... we walked instead of hopping onto the tram. Tired but satisfying. Aver was excited to see all the animals and she even couragously went to touch a snake. Love her courage. Ash also seemed to enjoyed herself... it has been a long time since she went there.

On Sunday, Ash's violin class was cancelled so we had the morning free. We went for a picnic at the beach. Despite the fact that Aver was not allowed to be near to grass and sand, we decided to go ahead with the fun. Aver loved the tent and the chance to go out and run and have the kind of fun her friends can have. Of course, I slapped on a lot of moisturiser on her to create a barrier between her skin and the nature that will irritate her. She really did enjoy herself. Ash loved it out in the outdoors too.

Simply put... the weekend was well spent. I am nursing aching shoulders and neck (for carrying the big baby most of the time) and also my legs...

(I am having connection problem so will need more time to post the pictures... they will be coming)

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